Johnny Creamer

Sheriff Randy Courson reports that during a routine road check on Hwy 376 at the Echols/Lowndes county line on January 13th, 2010, deputies conducted a traffic stop on a white Ford Mustang, which appeared to be evading the road check.   The occupants of the vehicle were very nervous and anxious.  A K-9 was dispatched to the scene, and a K-9 sniff conducted on the vehicle resulted in a positive alert for narcotics.  A search was conducted on the vehicle but did not yield any narcotics.  The occupants were then released from the scene.  A more extensive search of the area by deputies resulted in the discovery of a black film canister with electrical tape wrapped around it containing a substantial quantity of suspected methamphetamine.  Deputies conducted surveillance on the methamphetamine from a nearby location.  A short time later, deputies observed a white car approach the area and drop off an individual, who appeared to be looking for the methamphetamine.  The first attempt to locate the narcotics was unsuccessful, and the white vehicle picked up the individual.  Approximately 15 minutes later, deputies observed the same white car drop another individual off, later identified as Johnny Creamer.  Creamer retrieved the suspected methamphetamine, and the white car picked Creamer back up.  A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle resulting in the discovery of the black film canister containing suspected methamphetamine in the vehicle.  The individuals in the vehicle had ingested some of the methamphetamine in an attempt to destroy evidence prior to the stop.  The three individuals in the vehicle were taken into custody and EMS was called to the scene and all three declined to be taken to the hospital to be checked out.  Charged in the incident were Johnny Creamer, 38, Christopher Lee Loggins, 30, and Jamey Carter, 24.  The charges include felony possession of methamphetamine.  Creamer and Carter were two of the three individuals involved in the traffic stop on the white Mustang the previous night.  Sheriff Courson is very appreciative of the assistance of the South Georgia Drug Task Force for their involvement in the case and the apprehension of the individuals.