Hamblin/Wilson Meth arrest

On November 14, 2011 at approximately 7:19 p.m. the Echols County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a Ford Escape, red in color, for traffic infractions in the 2200 block of J. Frank Culpepper Road.  Deputies identified the driver as Angie Hamblin. Inside the vehicle were two other occupants. Sheriff Randy Courson arrived at the scene to assist in the investigation upon receiving an anonymous tip of the transportation of a possible methamphetamine lab. Upon approaching the vehicle, Sheriff Courson noticed in plain view inside the vehicle components which are used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Sheriff Courson noticed the nervous demeanor of the occupants. Based on this observation, consent was asked to search the vehicle. Consent was given and all three occupants were removed from the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed the rest of the components used in manufacturing methamphetamine. Hamblin appeared very nervous when informed about the contents recovered from the vehicle. Sheriff Randy Courson explained to Hamblin that a female would come to the scene to do a thorough search of their person. The South Georgia Drug Task Force was notified and arrived at the scene to assist in the investigation. During the course of explaining the situation to the task force agent, Sheriff Courson observed Hamblin retrieving a zip lock baggie from inside of her pants and dropping it to the ground, trying to conceal it with her foot. The task force agent recovered the zip lock bag, which contained a crushed white powdery substance, which appeared to be crushed pills, which is a key component in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. As the investigation transpired and all key components were found, it was determined that the method of manufacturing was identified as “1 pot” or “Shake n Bake”. All three subjects were taken into custody, the evidence was collected and the vehicle was removed from the scene.  At the conclusion of the investigation it was determined that only two parties were involved in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Other co-defendants were identified as Hamblin’s sister, Jennifer Lynn Wilson who supplied Hamblin with some of the components used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.  Hamblin and Wilson were charged with manufacturing of methamphetamine. Wilson was also charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Hamblin and Wilson were transported to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Jail for processing.